Checkliste für die Hochzeitsplanung

Checkliste Hochzeitsplanung

♥♥♥ Checkliste für die Hochzeitsplanung ♥♥♥

Hochzeitsplanung kann ganz schön umfangreich sein. Damit ihr auch nichts vergesst, habe ich euch eine Checkliste für eure Hochzeitsplanung erstellt.

Fehlt etwas in der Liste? Dann schreibt uns doch eure Punkte in die Kommentare! Somit helft ihr auch anderen Bräuten, perfekt für die Hochzeit vorbereitet zu sein.

Ladet euch gerne die Checkliste herunter unter nachfolgendem Link. 

Checkliste Hochzeitsplanung

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Stefanie Anderson Hochzeitsfotografie

  • Lina März Avatar

    Ich war eines der ersten Fotoobjekte von Stefanie. Das Shooting hat so superviel Spaß gemacht. Sie ist ausdauernd, total kreativ und fotografiert mit voller Leidenschaft und Begeisterung! Außerdem ist sie eine unglaubliche Künstlerin, wenn es um die Nachbearbeitung der Bilder geht.

    Lina März
  • Alexey Kultyshkin Avatar

    My wife and I had a great photo session together with Stefanie. She is very professional, encouraging, creative and dedicated to get the best shots. We had a lot of fun and it was the day with lots of positive emotions and lots more later when we got the amazing photos she made. I did not have much experience of being photographed so I especially liked that she explained very well what we were expected to do in each of the shots. Stefanie had a lot of great ideas but at the same time was open to listen and to work with the ideas we had in our mind.
    If you want to have an amazing photo-shooting experience with great photos at the end, I highly recommend Stefanie!

    Alexey Kultyshkin
  • Sebastian Ha Avatar

    Klasse Fotos & super professionell :-) !

    Sebastian Ha
  • Anastasia Gromova Avatar

    We celebrated our wedding anniversary by AfterWedding & TrashTheDress photo-session with Stefanie. We spent a wonderful day together, Stefanie is an endless source of energy! We, as a majority of mortals, have no idea how to behave in front of a camera, but Stefanie is very encouraging and, unlike other professional photographers I dealt with, explains where to put your hands and where to look :))) The resulting photos are just stunning... Highly recommended for both beautiful photos and high spirits ;)

    Anastasia Gromova
  • Monika Simonova Avatar

    Muy buena experiencia, nos gusto mucho el trato y las fotos. Seguramente repetimos en alguna otra ocasion :)

    Monika Simonova
  • Alberto Chaves Fernández Avatar

    He tenido el placer de trabajar con Stefanie y no sólo es una sobresaliente profesional sino que además es una excelente persona. Tiene un talento artístico indiscutible y sabe captar los momentos de una forma única. De 10.

    Alberto Chaves Fernández
  • Laura-Isabella Noujaim Avatar

    We met Stefanie for the first time on the day of our romantic shoot in front of the Eiffel tower and Arc de Triomphe. She gives you immediately a comfortable feeling, especially when you feel a bit nervous and she guides you perfectly through the shoot and gives you great advice. I think that her photographs are superbe and really beautiful. She makes romantique and almost misterious photos and captures cute and natural moments between a couple perfectly. I can recommend her to all couples. I give her 5/5 stars :)

    Laura-Isabella Noujaim
  • Katerina . Avatar

    While our trip to Stockholm we decided to save our romantic memories in photos, but we had time only for a short photo shoot. Stefanie understood the task and did all the job professionally. We felt comfortable in her company: we were just walking through the town and enjoying the atmosphere, while Stefanie was taking pictures. We got our photos quickly and everything was great. Definitely, I recommend Stefanie as a professional photographer!

    Katerina .

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